Tax credits: new offsettable limit for 2021 with “Sostegni bis” Decree

Maximum limit of tax credits that may be offset in the F24 form is raised to 2 million euros, only for 2021, notwithstanding the current regulations.

This is what will be provided by Article no. 22 of Decree Law no. 73/2021, so-called “Sostegni bis” Decree, which came into force on May 26, 2021, and which granted the possibility of offsetting an amount higher than expected by current legislation.

This amendment refers to the one already introduced by Article no. 147 of Decree Law no. 34/2020, which had raised to 1 million euros, only for 2020, the maximum limit of “horizontal” offsets reported in the F24 form.

Therefore, the recent provision didn’t increase the total amount of tax credits but only facilitated their use.

All provisions providing for exceptions to maximum limits and restrictions or prohibitions remain in force.

Marta Pasqui