Sanitization bonus: variation in the percentage of maximum usable credit

The conversion of the so-called the "August" decree increased the resources allocated for the tax credit for the sanitation of work environments and for the purchase of protective devices.

The Revenue Agency, with provision no. 302831 of 11 September 2020, had determined the percentage  of the credit actually usable as the ratio between the allocated resources, initially equal to 200 million euros, and the total amount resulting from the communications sent by taxpayers by September, 7, 2020. This percentage was 15.64%.

The converted (L. 126/2020) decree “August” provided for an increase in the resources allocated, raising the amount to a total of 603 million euros; therefore the Revenue Agency, with a specific provision, will  have to review the percentage of credit use. The updated percentage should be 47.16%.

Please note that the theoretical tax credit, up to a maximum of 60,000 euros, is equal to 60% of the expenses incurred and already communicated, through a specific request, to the Revenue Agency. Therefore, for example, a taxpayer who has declared, for 2020, an amount of expenditure of 10,000 euros and has correctly communicated a theoretical tax credit of 6,000 euros to the Revenue Agency, will be able to use 47.16%, about 2,800 euros.

Please refer to our previous post on the subject for further information and for how to use the Sanitization bonus.

Alessandro Cardona