Sanitization bonus: defined percentage of use and tax code

With a provision issued on July 10th 2020, the Revenue Agency had defined the criteria and methods for the application of the tax credit for the sanitization and purchase of personal protective equipment, introduced by the so-called Decreto Rilancio – Decree no. 34/2020. Among the criteria established there was the possibility of benefit from a tax credit equal to 60% of the expenses incurred – in any case not exceeding Euro 60,000.00. In addition, it was provided that the maximum amount of the tax credit should be equal to the amount requested (with a specific request transmitted electronically by September 9th 2020) multiplied by the percentage disclosed by the Director of the Revenue Agency in compliance with the limit set at 200 million euros for the year 2020.

With provision issued on September 11th 2020, the Revenue Agency has therefore established the percentage of use of the tax credit, which is equal to 15.6423%. This percentage must be applied to the amount resulting from the last communication submitted, rounding the result to the unit of Euro: in order to know exactly the the credit amount recognized to each taxpayer, it’s possible to consult the personal area of the so-called “Cassetto Fiscale” (the Revenu Agency personal web portal).

The procedures for the use of the tax credit due are the following:

  1. deduction in the tax return, indicating the amount of the credit in the RU framework of the Income Model related to the tax period in which the expense is considered incurred;
  2. use of the credit by offsetting other liabilities through the F24 model, to be submitted exclusively through the telematic services of the Revenue Agency;
  3. assignment, even partial, of the credit to third parties among which credit institutions and other financial intermediaries are also identified.

With reference to point 2) above, it should be noted that the Revenue Agency, with resolution issued on September 14th 2020, stated that the tax code 6917 “Tax credit for sanitation and purchase of protection devices – Article 125 of Decree-Law no. 34 of 19 May 2020”, is the one to be used for the purposes of use as offset through F24. When filling in the payment form, this code must be displayed in the “Treasury” section, also indicating the year 2020 as the reference year.

Martina Borlandelli