ESG Business Conference: Andersen at the panel on supply chain relations

On June 15, as part of the VII edition of the ESG Business Conference, Andersen will participate in the roundtable ESG Identity: from internal governance to supply chain relations, moderated by Luca Testoni, founder and editor of ETicaNews. The meeting will be an opportunity to reflect on the corporate identity of criteria suitable for measuring environmental, social, and governance aspects. Furthermore, the panel will focus on implications of the evolving regulatory environment and how it affects the companies’ internal and relational aspects.

Andersen partners Francesca Capoferri, a specialist in corporate welfare and drafting of Non-Financial Statements, and a member of Andersen’s Sustainable Innovation Desk, and Edoardo Fea will talk with Alessandra Ferroni and Giovanni Marsili, partners at the law firm Gianni e Origoni, and Niccolò Zuffetti, head of marketing at Crif Group, a firm specializing in credit information systems. The talk will focus on the tools necessary for the normalization of ESG assessment processes, the process of their internalization by companies, and accountability to the supply chain. In addition, the speakers will analyze the options available to companies to address this transition.

ESG Business Conference is organized by ETica News. The conference presents and explores the results of the Integrated Governance Index (IGI), a research project on ESG integration in corporate governance and management models, since 2016. This edition will focus on the concept of “Extended ESG Identity,” the importance of company relationships in terms of shared value, dual materiality, products, and supply chain relationships.


Registration required to attend the event (the roundtable will be held in Italian).


ESG Identity: from internal governance to supply chain relations

Wednesday, 15 June | 10.00 – 11.15 

Palazzo Giureconsulti – Piazza dei Mercanti 2, Milano