Sustainable Innovation Desk

The themes of sustainability and technological progress guide the new team that supports companies and entities in the transition towards policies of social impact and civil responsibility, consistent with the current regulatory framework

The Economy of Corriere della Sera, in the column La stanza dei bottoni, announces the opening of Andersen’s new Sustainable Innovation Desk to support the understanding of the possibilities related to the promotion and implementation of social impact and civil responsibility policies within the current regulatory framework.

The multidisciplinary working group coordinated by partners Francesco Marconi and Francesco Inturri – who have been working for a long time on issues related to new business models – is dedicated to companies and organizations that choose to implement policies in the direction of sustainable innovation, looking for a combination of profit and social impact.

The other partners involved in the Sustainable Innovation Desk are Paolo Trevisanato, expert in the non-profit world, Francesca Capoferri, specialist in corporate welfare and drafting of non-financial statements, and Alessandro Moretti, head of The Bridge Africa-Europe project, guided by the UN 2030 Agenda.

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