Series of conferences The Bridge Africa-Europe project on sustainable business

As part of The Bridge Africa-Europe project, Andersen professionals have scheduled three conferences in 2021, for the development of sustainable business between the two continents.

The Bridge Africa-Europe project aims to enhance intercontinental trade between the two continents, ensuring the client receives seamless stress-free service, best-in-class advice, and great attention to detail for a plug-and-play set-up in a new country.

The first seminar will be focused on Renewable Energy with specific reference to South Africa, Zambia and Namibia (May 20, 10:00-12:30 CET; free attendance), organized by Andersen in South Africa, Andersen in Zambia, Andersen in Namibia and Andersen in Italy.


Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers of the event will be:

  • H.E. Albertus Aochamub, Ambassador of Namibia in Italy
  • H.E. Paolo Cuculi, Ambassador of Italy in South Africa (in charge also in Namibia)
  • H.E. Joseph Katema, Ambassador of Zambia in Italy
  • H.E. Antonino Maggiore, Ambassador of Italy in Zambia
  • H.E. Nosipho Nausca-Jean Ngcaba, Ambassador of South Africa in Italy


The industry of renewable energy (solar photovoltaics and panels, wind energy and biomass) and its increasing use is one of the high priorities put in place by many countries’ policies.

Renewables provide a secure and cost-effective opportunity for energy provision in all countries, due to the environmental protection (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions), to the impact on the employment opportunities, and to the economic contribution because of the diversification of energy supply (cut of costly imports of fossil fuels and avoiding of exploitation of energy resources).


Opportunities and strategic ideas

The Andersen conference – organized in collaboration with the magazine specialized on Africa, Africa & Affari, media partner in the Andersen series of conferences on the development of sustainable business – wants to investigate the current scenario and understand its possible future development, for the advantage of participating companies.

Highlighting the existing capacity of the sector in South Africa, Zambia and Namibia, the meeting aims to show the impact of these markets for foreign investors, to maintain and improve competitive edge.


African and European companies, operating in the sector, and investors are invited. Strategic ideas, initiatives in developing new renewable energy technologies and opportunities to expand and be active in worldwide markets will be raised during the event.


The keynote speakers of the event – Ambassadors and Local Investment Promotion Agencies – have been selected to represent the countries involved and will weave opportunities of international trade and advantages in renewables.

The case studies presented will give a technology overview and allow to better understand economic opportunities in certain markets.


B2B sessions

The conference will be followed by B2B sessions (from May 20 afternoon to May 28). It will give the chance to attendees to meet other companies. If needed, Andersen professionals will support the dialogue, offering their experience on the tax and legal side.


Andersen professionals both in Africa and in Europe promote relationships between companies and international cooperation, enhancing the development of sustainable business.

And the contacts Andersen can leverage with institutions and other advisors can support businesses, implementing strategies across the organizations to promote growth and boost revenue.


Conference | Thursday, May 20, 2021 | 10:00 am – 12:30 pm CET
B2B Sessions | afternoon 20 May – 28 May 2021

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Attendance at the conference is free.

Renewable Energy - The Bridge Africa-Europe