Andersen supports Feelera into the certification as Benefit Corporation

Thanks to the legal and tax assistance of the Andersen team, led by partners Francesco Inturri and Francesco Marconi, the star-up Feelera has been recognized as a Benefit Company.

Feelera, using blockchain technology, supports companies in identifying the subjects that are part of their supply chain ensuring sustainability, transparency, and quality of the products offered. The start-up has received recognition as a Benefit Corporation for its commitment to incentivize and support entrepreneurs to pursue sustainability objectives, adding this value in its corporate purpose as well as profit objectives, and having a positive impact on society and biosphere.

“Andersen has strongly supported the certification of Feelera in the register of Benefit Corporations”, said Francesco Inturri and Francesco Marconi, both members of the Executive Committee of the association Il Quinto Ampliamento. “Feelera balances public benefit with shareholder profits. Andersen believes in this new economic model that affirms a different way of doing business: more ethical, more responsible. It is for this reason that realities like Feelera meet our interest and our support “.

“To remain competitive on the market, companies must implement new business strategies and set up innovative production models, aimed at minimizing waste of resources, recycling, and guaranteeing environmental protection. Today consumers are asking for transparent information on supply chains and on the raw materials used by suppliers and subcontractors” concludes Gianluca Mazza, CEO of Feelera.

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