Vat settlement postponed

With resolution n. 73 of June 20th, 2017, the Revenue Agency provided some clarification on the new deadlines for the payment of the VAT settlement. On the one hand it has been confirmed, as a general rule, the deadline of March 16th; on the other hand, the Agency established that this deadline can be postponed till the one set for the payment of income tax, by increasing the sums due with interest of 0.4% for each month or fraction of a month after March 16th. The Agency also stated that the postponed deadline is to be referrd only to June 30th, also for those who have different deadlines for the payment of direct taxes. In fact, assuming that Vat is a solar tax, the deadline to refer to can only be the one established for those who have a fiscal year coinciding with the solar year. The Agency also stated that it is possible to postpone again the deadline for the payment of the VAT settlement on July 30th, however, corresponding the additional increase of 0.4% on the sum due on June 30th (including the above increase).