Uberto Percivalle’s commentary on staff turnover factors

The Andersen partner Uberto Percivalle, employment lawyer lead of the Employment & Labor Department, comments on the survey of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) on factors that increase employee engagement. The results of the research, conducted among more than 9,000 people in 12 countries, show that work environments geared toward transparent communication and empathy, capable of strengthening trust among team members, have higher levels of employee satisfaction and avert the risk of excessive turnover.

The research of the Society for Human Resource Management

An excellent corporate culture is fundamental to achieving good productivity and a healthy work environment. The main elements that enable the achievements of these results are the management skills of those who manage work teams, the absence of harmful company dynamics, and the appreciation of employees’ skills, commitment, and achievements of each person.

“It is normal to want to change jobs, but the elements that limit employees’ potential and accentuate this tendency are many. These include the inability to express oneself, fear of one’s supervisor or colleagues, lack of clarity and consistency of goals, and the proper recognition of the activities performed,” commented Uberto Percivalle.