Supporting the “Industria 4.0” plan

The last italian budget law extended the maxi discount, on the purchase of tangible assets by entrepreneurs and professionals, until December 31st, 2017. This facility allows the application of an increase of 40% on the deductible cost of the asset (super depreciation). The facility also covers motor vehicles purchased from January 1, 2017. In this case, however, the super depreciation works only for public use vehicles or exclusively instrumental for which there is a full deductibility of costs.

Moreover, only for investments made by entrepreneurs from January 1st, 2017 in tangible assets with high technological content, designed to promote technological transformation processes in key Industry 4.0, it was introduced a maxi increase of 150% to the deductible cost of the asset (hyper depreciation).
The practices document no. 4 /E, jointly issued by the Italian Tax Authority and the Ministry of Economic Development, clarifies what are the assets that can benefit of the facilitation. In short, it refers to all the investments made in intelligent and interconnected machines within December 31, 2017. This period may be extended up to June 30th, 2018 provided that within the end of 2017, the relative order is accepted by the seller, the taxpayer proves the payment of the respective advances in measure at least equal to 20% of the acquisition cost, and the good as well as being functional, has to be interconnected with the business system.

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