States-General of Veneto Cinema: Andersen talks about tax credit

Two of our professionals take part in the States-General of the Veneto Cinema organized by the Ca’ Foscari University, to talk about tax credit and all related legal aspects.

The event of May 4 and 5, in collaboration with AGICI General Association of Independent Film-Audiovisual Industries, AGIS, the Italian General Association of Performing Arts and Irecoop Veneto and with the patronage of the Veneto Region, is a two-day of in-depth analysis.

The program includes, among others, the deepening of training projects in the regional context, the examination of the training situation and international coproduction, the analysis of investment opportunities in cinema for companies. On this last issue, Ciro Serio, lawyer of Andersen operating on the Rome office, and Stefano Rossi, chartered accountant at the Andersen offices in Venice and Mestre, will illustrate the recovery of VAT credit and the different tax credits introduced by the Cinema Law, available for production and distribution companies, for technical and post-production industries and for non-sector companies.

The theme of tax credit in the cinema and audiovisual sector, already the subject of a specific conference organized by Andersen in March in Rome at the Senate Library with the participation of Mibact, is a real opportunity for the world of big and small screen to find investments.