Aurelio Zani

Aurelio, Accountant and Auditor, started his career as a freelance with his own firm from 1985 to 2003 working for different companies: commercial, services, artisan and industrial small and medium sized enterprises; later becoming an external consultant for other firms. 

He has developed specific skills in accounting and financial due diligence, in administrative, corporate and tax consultancy. He provides advice in relation to extraordinary transactions and assists other professionals of the Firm in the context of such operations, M&A and corporate reorganization.

He has a specific expertise in financial statements prepared in accordance with Italian accounting principles. 

He is an expert in civil, accounting, tax and asset consultancy and assistance in the management of national contracts for employees for all types of companies (professionals, sole traders, partnerships and corporations) operating in a wide range of sectors.

Aurelio supports his clients in finding new and innovative tax solutions to meet their specific needs with a range of appropriate planning work.

He deals with the preparation of financial statements and the fulfilment of all tax declarations for direct, indirect and local taxes.

He holds social positions such as member of the Board of Auditors and Legal Auditor.

Education: Diploma in Accounting at ITC of Chiari (BS)

Languages: French, Italian native speaker

Role: Senior Manager

Qualification: Accountant and Registered Auditor


Office: Brescia