Teleworking in Europe: European Guide to Support Employers

The global spread of Covid-19 is forcing employers worldwide to introduce teleworking. In Europe, there are no uniform regulations for the introduction of telework, except for the voluntary European framework agreement from 2002, which only contains a general legal framework. However, this agreement is not binding law for the EU member states.

The practice guide

In the absence of uniform rules, employers who employ workers in different European countries live with the constant risk of violating country-specific regulations.

To help employers, make the best decision for their company, the European Labour Law service line of Andersen has developed a practice guide that provides employers with important information on the introduction and implementation of telework in the individual European countries.

At this link, you can consult and download the telework guide with any regulatory updates in the coming months.

The methodology used in the guide written by Andersen lawyers located in different European countries, is the subject of the webinar that some colleagues of the European Labour Law service line organizes on November 19, so as to be a useful tool in the face of many doubts that may arise in the near future.

The webinar on teleworking

The online seminar of the European Labour Law service line – which takes place on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 16.00 CET – provides a general and updated overview of the regulatory situation of telework in Europe, also giving companies the opportunity to ask specific questions.

In addition to explaining the methodology of the practical guide, the webinar analyzes the topics of greatest interest related to distance working, among them:

  • voluntary or compulsory nature of teleworking
  • how telework (remote from home) works with the right to digital disconnection
  • business obligations regarding health and safety during teleworking
  • data protection
  • confidentiality
  • the obligation of companies, if applicable, to pay the expenses derived from teleworking.

To attend the webinar, please register here to receive your session access data.