Pnrr and infrastructure: the commentary of Federica Reale on Italia Oggi

Italia Oggi deepen the topic of the Pnrr impact on the infrastructure field and its positive impact on the professional firms activity. The €61.5 billion of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the National Complementary Plan (NRP) has provided the opportunity for freelancers to deepen the skills needed to provide increasingly specialized advice.

Federica Reale, Andersen senior advisor, an expert in civil and administrative law and assistance in Public Procurement of Public Administrations, public and private entities and businesses, highlights the project contents to which applications for contributions must adhere. Interventions will be eligible for funds in the area of transport, infrastructure and integrated logistics will be part of Missions 2 (Green Revolution and Ecological Transition) and 3 (Infrastructure for Sustainable Mobility). Them will contribute to the creation of a cutting-edge, sustainable and digitized infrastructure system by 2026.

The high complexity of these regulations makes the role of professional firms central, whose support enables the PAs and companies involved to comply with the bureaucratic procedures that are essential for the success of the projects.