Ok to the Transfer Pricing Italian guidelines

The Ministry of the Economy and Finance signed the decree implementing Article 110, paragraph 7 of Presidential Decree 917/1986, concerning transfer pricing.The action updates guidelines on transfer pricing regulations by adapting the previous instructions to the OECD practice and, in particular, to the arm’s length principle.

Among the new features that emerge from the final version of the decree are the recognition of compliance with the arm’s length principle of any value that falls within the range resulting from the chosen financial indicator and the provision of a simplified procedure, on an optional basis, for services low added value.

Finally, the ministerial decree that will be published shortly in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, provides a clearer definition of the criteria for identifying the documentation suitable for the purposes of access to the penalty protection regime set forth art. 1, paragraph 6, of Legislative Decree 471/1997, referring to a subsequent provision of the Director of the Revenue Agency updating the eligibility requirements.

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