New government decree to unlock Italy

A recent Decree of the Italian Government (No. 33/2020) has launched a new phase of easing of the emergency legislation (the so-called “lockdown“) which had been adopted due to the outbreak of COVID-19. New measures are aimed at gradually restoring freedom of movement and reopening of businesses. However, limits and conditions are established to keep the implementation of such measures under control.

Firstly, freedom of movement is restored only for movements within the same Region of Italy, not from one Region to another (this case is still subject to restrictions). Also, even thought most of the economic activities may be resumed by virtue of Decree No. 33, they will have to be compliant with protocols and guidelines adopted by the Regions (or by the Conference of the regions) with respect to each economic sector.

Sanctions are also imposed against the breach of any provision of the Decree itself or of the Presidential Decree (D.P.C.M.) implementing Decree No. 33 (among which particularly important is Presidential Decree dated May 17th, 2020).


More info here attached – in Italian.