New facilities for digital transition for cultural and creative activities

With public notice of 19 October 2022, the Ministry of Culture has granted, to the actors in the cultural and creative sectors, the possibility to access a non-repayable contribution to facilitate the digital transaction.

The aim of the measure, which is part of the PNRR, is to facilitate and support the use of digital technology and the promotion of the green approach throughout the cultural and creative chain, encouraging an environmentally sustainable approach.
The facilities are granted in the form of grants up to 80% of the eligible expenditure project and, in any case, up to a maximum amount of € 75,000, in compliance with the de minimis Regulation.

The facilitatable interventions must be aimed at the digital transition through the creation of new cultural products and, more specifically, the development of innovative ways and tools of offering; these include the digitization of heritage with the aim of conservation, greater dissemination, sharing and international circulation, especially in the European Union.
Eligible costs include the purchase of plant, machinery, equipment, specialist services and intangible assets for a number of years, as well as masonry works to adapt spaces (the latter up to a maximum of 20% of the project value) supported as part of the implementation of a cultural project aimed at the digital transition of creative subjects.

Applications for funding may be submitted by micro- and small enterprises, either in the form of limited liability companies or individuals, including cooperative societies, associations, foundations and Third Sector Entities registered or in the process of registration to the “RUNTS”.

The subjects identified above must also be constituted on 31 December 2020 and operate in one of the areas of intervention provided for by art. 6.7 of the notice, namely music, audiovisual and radio, visual arts and photography, live entertainment and festivals, material and intangible cultural heritage (including archives, libraries and museums), artistic crafts, publishing, books and literature as well as multidisciplinary ones that are active in more than one field of intervention among those provided for by the call.
The grants are not cumulative with other public benefits and therefore the beneficiary undertakes to ensure the remaining financial coverage of the project through own resources, by reference to the part of eligible expenditure not covered by the contribution.
The allocation of resources procedure requires the submission of an application through the portal Invitalia from 3 November until 18.00 on 1 February 2023.
After the application period has expired, a ranking list will be drawn up taking into account the ability to achieve the assigned objectives within the timeframe indicated by the public notice within 18 months from the date of admission.

Andrea Savino

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