Italia Oggi: Copyrights in Music Streaming

Gilberto Cavagna – partner and lawyer specialized in intellectual property rights and copyrights – was involved in a depth-analysis on livestreaming copyrighted music on Italia Oggi, led by Antonio Ranalli, focusing on authors and executors.

Due to a rapid growth of recorded music in the global market in 2020 (almost 8%), streaming has been a key-factor for the impact. However, the Government’s decree, responsible for directive on copyrights, has not provided its support to the artists available on platforms on demand.

Cavagna highlights the importance of the Nft (non-fungible token) – technologies able to facilitate the pieces’ traceability, protecting their legal distribution and contents’ payments – who can develop additional functions, such as: including events tickets, in order to establish the maximum price for the resale, by defining a clear allocation of the profit; allowing to buy gadgets or pass for backstage; containing photographs or posters of an event.