Lombardy Region is financing the most attractive Municipalities

Lombardy, with more than 6.389 foreign invested companies, is an important market for investors and the largest recipient of foreign direct investments in the country. With the project AttrACT, in collaboration with Unioncamere Lombardia and Promos – Invest in Lombardy, the region want to boost Lombardy’s attractiveness and competitiveness.

The new political measure called AttrACT aims to:

  • mapping ready-to-use investment opportunities within the region
  • reducing bureaucracy by building a clear, transparent and favorable economic context
  • offer concrete actions to facilitate investments such as fiscal incentives by reducing local taxes

From April 18th to June 5th 2017, the Lombardy Municipalities should submit the call for proposals and 70 of them will be selected to sign an agreement called “Accordo per l’Attrattività”. By signing these agreements, Regione Lombardia will provide:

  • an external tutor helping Municipalities mediate with potential investors
  • a dedicated regional team to support Municipalities in dealing with investors and local stakeholders
  • a promotional activity for the identified investment opportunities

In turn, selected Municipalities will commit to:

  • identify investment opportunities on their territory
  • reducing bureaucracy and tax burdens for enterprises
  • provide supporting tools to facilitate communication with local enterprises.