Professional training in law firms: commentary by Gherardo Cadore in Italia Oggi’s article

Italia Oggi dedicates an in-depth article at how firms are prepairing lawyers to meet market needs. Gherardo Cadore, a partner attorney at Andersen specializing in corporate M&A, corporate and commercial law, and domestic and international contracting, emphasizes how digitization has renewed learning opportunities for professionals and accentuated the urgency of continually updating skills.

Technology and the growth of cybersecurity and sustainability issues are just some new subjects for which it is important to plan team training activities. In addition, the development of transversal technical knowledge must go together with the improvement of soft skills, which are fundamental to to respond to complex issues and enhance everyone’s potential. “It became necessary to combine in-person training with webinars, reworking classic learning modules by integrating them with new subjects and facilitating greater sharing among professionals in different areas,” Cadore commented. Andersen has responded to this need by establishing a committee dedicated to digital security of the firm’s IT, and related training, and a committee dedicated to team skills development.