Interview to Andrea De Vecchi on the competences of the public managers

As part of an investigation of the Sicilian newspaper Quotidiano di Sicilia on Public Administration, the journalist Patrizia Penna signs an interview with Andrea De Vecchi, CEO of Andersen in Italy, focused on technical and human skills of public managers.

De Vecchi underlines how Public Administrations, whatever their political color, must favour the possibility of establishing economic activities by foreseeing and preparing appropriate industrial areas and infrastructures. Supporting associations and ensuring public-private synergy. The bureaucratic complexities and timeframes for the various requests should also be reduced.

De Vecchi identifies commitment, willingness and dialogue between the various public bodies and between these and private associations, as the key elements of public support for development.

The technical skills that the CEO of Andersen in Italy indicated to the Quotidiano di Sicilia as important for a public manager, must be transversal and business-oriented for an integrated and complete vision of the projects. Professionals should also have the ability to evaluate and analyze investments, the ability to interpret data, and the ability to prepare and understand budgets. Performance management and project management are essential for tracking time and cost of work and for effective project reporting.