Income tax payment – deadline postponed to September 30th

The D.L. 34/2010 has ruled the postponement the deadlines for the payment of direct taxes and VAT – previously scheduled for July 1st – on September 30th.
The following taxpayers will benefit from the postponement:

  • companies, sole entrepreneurs and professionals subjected to the I.S.A. (i.e. tax reliability indexes);
  • taxpayers that have reported income of less of Euro 5.164.569;
  • taxpayers belonging the tax scheme for small businesses (so-called “forfettari” – art.1 par. 54, L.190/2014 or “contribuenti minimi” – art.27 par. 1 and 2, DL 98/2011);
  • taxpayers who benefit from a flat-rate method to calculate income;
  • taxpayers that reported other exclusion clauses from the tax reliability indexes.

Therefore, the postponement cannot be used from:

  • taxpayers for whom an ISA index was not approved (for their specific sector of business);
  • taxpayers whose reported income was higher than Euro 5.164.569;
  • other taxpayers that are not involved in a business.

Payments of social security contributions (balance for 2018 and first installment for 2019) will follow the same stated deadlines for income taxes, which means that taxpayers will benefit from the postponement also with respect to them (art.18 para. 4, D.Lgs.241/97).

In addition, the payment of the annual tax due to the Chamber of Commerce by entrepreneurs and companies will have to be paid within September 30th, which means that it will follow the new deadline stated for income tax and social security contributions.
It shall be noted that this postponement is contingent on the application of the new tax reliability indexes.

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