How benefit corps improve new governance models

The association Il Quinto Ampliamento in collaboration with the university Politecnico di Milano deal with benefit corp during the conference “Il nuovo modello di impresa civile“, which will be held on March 12, 2019. During the event Francesco Marconi, Andersen Partner and co-author with Vittorio Traversa and other professionals of the white paper titled “I fini Benefit: dalla Benefit Corporation alla Società benefit“, analyses benefit corps from the legal point of view, considering the future scenarios for the governance.

During the event participates as speaker Stefano Zamagni, president of the Association Il Quinto Ampliamento, Professor of political economy at Bologna University and Adjunct Professor of International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center, one of the major experts of civil economy. Moreover, Mario Calderini, Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, will have a speech on the new generation of companies and the related social impact, and e Alessandro Giaume, Innovation Director (Gruppo BIP).