Holding companies for corporate governance

Andersen partners Maurizio Ferrero and Andrea Menni, who specialize in corporate governance and corporate reorganization, will hold the course The holding company tool, organized by ISFOR.

It will be analyzed how the choice of creating a holding company is a strategic solution that can play a fundamental role in the life of a family business. In fact, it makes it possible to protect its assets and better manage its growth, perhaps by integrating new business segments and family members.

The seminar aims to show how, among the tools of business governance, there are holding companies whose purpose is to pursue a number of worthy interests as the efficient management of the group and the family business in the continuity and unity of the business as well as of the entrepreneurial family, the preservation and planning of the family’s assets and the protection in the entry of new investor members including institutional ones.

In addition, the holding company instrument makes it possible to keep the company’s management safe from events unrelated to the entrepreneurial sphere such as disputes and conflicts of the corporate structure that paralyze the company’s management, from the entry of undesirable shareholders due to the splitting of shareholdings and generational transitions.


The instrument of holding companies

October 20 | 14.00 – 17.00