Gio Ponti’s work protected by copyright law

The lawyer Gilberto Cavagna – expert, among others, in intellectual property rights, copyright, art and heritage law – in an article on Exibart analyzes the decision of the Court of Milan on the dispute between the heirs of the architect Gio Ponti and Coin S.p.A. for the use of the drawing Eclissi created by the Milanese designer and reproduced on a tablecloth with simple variations of color and location.

The judge recognised that the drawing is a figurative work of art, which benefits from the protection recognised to intellectual works by the law on copyright.

Having established that Coin’s products reproduce the graphic motif of the Eclissi drawing with irrelevant differences from the original work, the Court ascertained that the unauthorized use of the work represents a violation of the copyright of Gio Ponti’s heirs, both on a moral and patrimonial level. It, therefore, prohibited any further production and marketing of the tablecloth, as a precautionary measure.


For more details on the case, the ruling and the precedents, we invite you to read lawyer Cavagna’s article on Exibart.