Extension to 31 December 2022 of the research, development, innovation and design tax credit

Article 1, par. 1064 of Law 178/2020 (Budget Law 2021) confirmed, until 31 December 2022, the tax credit for research, development, technological innovation, digital innovation 4.0, ecological transition, design and aesthetic ideation activities, regulated by Article 1, paragraphs 198 – 209 of Law 160/2019.

In particular, the rule provides that the tax credit:

– for research and development activities is entitled to 20% up to a maximum of €4 million;

– for technological innovation, design and aesthetic conception activities is entitled to 10% up to a maximum of €2 million;

– for digital innovation 4.0 and ecological transition activities is entitled to 15% up to a maximum of € 2 million.

The same law, in paragraph 185, also provided for the extension until 31 December 2022 of the “enhanced” tax credit for research and development activities, referred to in paragraph 200 of L.160/2019, carried out in the regions of Southern Italy (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia). Research and development activities also include Covid-19 research projects directly related to production facilities located in the above-mentioned regions.

In this case, the rates set forth in Article 244 of Decree Law 34/2020 (Relaunch Decree) are confirmed.