Extension of deadline for sending online CU 2021 and data for the pre-filled tax return to March 31

With press release no. 49, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, pending the issue of the so-called “Sostegni” Decree, has arranged for the extension from March 16 to March 31, 2021 of the deadline for the online transmission to the Revenue Agency, and the delivery to taxpayers, of the Single Tax Certifications 2021.

Consequently, the deadline for external operators, namely social security institutions, banks, insurance companies, condominium managers, universities, etc., to send the data required to prepare the pre-compiled declaration to the tax authorities has also been deferred to March 31.

The Inland Revenue Service will make the pre-compiled declaration available to taxpayers on May 10, 2021, in place of the previous deadline of April 30.

The October 31 deadline for sending the certifications containing only income that is not relevant for the preparation of the pre-compiled returns, i.e. relating to income from professional self-employment, business or exempt work, remains unchanged.

Finally, not included in the extension to March 31 is the sending of data relating to healthcare expenses incurred in 2020 to the “Sistema tessera sanitaria”, whose deadline expired on February 8, 2021.