The figure of the Expert negotiator in the new Business Crisis and Insolvency Code

Italia Oggi devotes an in-depth study to the changes made by the Business Crisis and Insolvency Code and the centrality of the figure of the expert negotiator. Alessandra Nodari, senior advisor Andersen, an expert in restructuring, bankruptcy law, and reorganization procedures, asked by the newspaper, comments on the regulation that came into force last July 15.

The expert negotiator will have to pose as a mediator between the parties and will be involved in the voluntary and spontaneous initiative of the entrepreneur in a situation of economic-financial imbalance, keeping himself independent of all those involved. This figure confirms the intention of the Crisis Code to solve the business crisis through private rather than judicial means, including through the expert.

The figure of the lawyer acquires in this way greater importance, becoming an advisor to the company from the first organizational phase until the assisted settlement of the crisis. Thanks to his expertise he will know how to help the entrepreneur to start early on a process of reorganization and restructuring that can allow the preservation of the company’s value.