Upcoming events on the corporate Code of Ethics and ESG criteria

Andersen partner Edoardo Fea, a chartered accountant specializing in ESG issues, assistance with extraordinary structured finance transactions (M&A) and transfer pricing, will participate in two events dedicated to the Corporate Code of Ethics and its implications from a corporate sustainability perspective.

These meetings, organized by the Unione Industriali di Torino and the Turin Odcec in collaboration with Slow Food, reflect Andersen’s commitment to supporting companies in the transition to sustainability. This process includes embracing solutions that combine ethics and business needs while respecting the current regulatory framework, and strategies that, through the pursuit of sustainable success, give a competitive advantage to the reality involved.

The Corporate Code of Ethics is one of the tools adopted by most companies to adhere to the principles of the green economy. It responds to the need for firms to clarify their ethical responsibilities and balance the stakeholders’ interests, laying the foundation for a moral agreement of win-win cooperation. It can be used to prevent irresponsible behavior internally and builds a reputation externally.

This document complements the annual publication of the Sustainability Report, which addresses all stakeholders by communicating commitments and achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The main elements included in the report are environmental and social issues, treatment of employees, respect for human rights, diversity in corporate bodies, and anti-corruption and bribery.


The corporate Code of Ethic

Tuesday, Sept. 20 | 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Online)

The social sustainability report: stimulus for regeneration of the corporate economy

Friday, September 23 | 9.30 (Torino) | Program (in Italian)