European Corporate Legal Insights: distribution agreements in Europe

Andersen’s second issue of European Corporate Legal Insights examines the legal framework of distribution agreements in several European countries.

With the introduction of new technologies, the market for products and services extends past borders. International trade is an important strategy for companies of all sizes seeking access to a broader, more diverse and decentralised consumer.


The market is accessible to all thanks to the Internet, and companies must find ways to reach consumers efficiently and effectively. A traditional method is distribution agreements. Distribution channels allow a company to reach a broad customer base and focus on efficiency.

The document prepared by the European Corporate Legal service line, made up of our professionals from Andersen firms on the continent, answers many questions on the topic:

  • Do we know the necessary legal framework in the countries where we do business when we sign any of these distribution agreements?
  • Are there specific rules for these types of contracts?
  • Does Europe operate as a single market?
  • Can an agreement be concluded by choosing a different jurisdiction to which the parties agree?


We invite you to read and download Andersen’s European Corporate Legal Insights publication at the link below.

Francesco Inturri and his team can support you on all issues concerning Italy and, with the European Corporate Legal service line, on other jurisdictions.

Europe Corporate Legal Insights document