Electronic invoicing for fuel postponed to 2019

On 27 June 2018, the Council of Ministers approved a new Decree containing the postponement of the fuel card validity until the end of 2018.
The electronic invoicing for fuel sales is therefore postponed to 2019.
For those who, in the meantime, have adopted measures in order to be compliant to the new regulations, the possibility of issuing electronic invoices is allowed.
The obligation to make payments for the purchase of motor fuel by means of traceable payments (other than cash) remains unchanged, as previously established by the provision n. 73203/2018 of the Revenue Agency. This obligation, in fact, was introduced in order to deduct both the fuel cost and the related VAT.
Lastly, it should be noted that this postponement does not extend to the obligation of electronic invoicing for the services of subcontractors operating in a supply chain of companies in the context contracts with P.A..

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