Decreto Semplificazioni: deadline for the request for registration of deeds in fixed term

Longer term for the registration of deeds subject to registration in a fixed term

Before the entry into force of the Decreto Semplificazioni (D.L. 73/2022), the registration of the deeds identified in the annex “Tariffa Parte I – deeds subject to registration with fixed term” (DPR 131/1986) had to be carried out by the deadline of twenty days from the stipulation of the deed (if stipulated in Italy) or sixty days (if stipulated abroad). The most common deeds are: property sales deeds, property rental and leasing contracts and some specific deeds of companies and other subjects (constitution or increase of share capital, merger, demerger, company transfer, statutory changes, dividend payment reports and other deeds indicated in the Tariffa).

The entry into force of the aforementioned Decree brought the deadline for the registration of acts in Italy to thirty days, giving the contributors more time to comply with regulatory obligations.