Cura Italia decree: measures to support work

The Cura Italia decree provides for measures to support work, the extension of special measures in terms of social shock absorbers to the entire national territory and support for workers.

Employers who provide for a suspension or reduction of work activity in 2020 due to events related to the emergency will be able to submit an application for the ordinary salary supplement or ordinary allowance with the causal “Covid-19 emergency”. The benefits may start on 23.02.2020 and have a maximum duration of nine weeks and must be received by August 2020.

The redundancy fund by way of derogation applies to employers in the private sector, regardless of the number of employees, for whom the protections provided by the current provisions on suspension or reduction of working hours do not apply.

The implementing arrangements will be determined by the Regions. The treatments in question are granted by decree of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces concerned, to be transmitted to INPS electronically within forty-eight hours of adoption.

An allowance for self-employed workers and professionals is granted to certain categories of self-employed workers and professionals, for the month of March 2020 only, in the amount of €600.

The Decree recognizes the bonus to freelance professionals (individuals participating in associated firms or simple companies with self-employment activities, carrying out professional and artistic activities as per the first paragraph of art. 53 TUIR) who hold an active VAT number as of 23.02.2020 and for workers with a coordinated and continuous collaboration relationship, registered with the INPS Separate Account.

The Cura Italia decree also introduces an aid measure for workers who are parents (including foster parents) of children not older than 12 years (this limit does not apply in case of disability) who are entitled to leave, granted alternatively to both parents, for an overall total of fifteen days that can be claimed also with retroactive effect from 5.03.2020.

Unpaid leave is also provided for parents working in the private sector with minor children aged between 12 and 16 years, under certain conditions (specified in the attached circular).

Beneficiaries of paid leave may, alternatively, claim a bonus for the purchase of baby-sitting services up to a total maximum limit of €600 to be used for services provided during the period of suspension of childcare and educational activities in schools of all levels.

These and further measures – such as the extension of the duration of paid leave and the extension of the deadline for unemployment applications NASpI and DIS-COLL – are explained and detailed in the attached circular.