Corrective action 2017 – split payment

The split payment mechanism, governed by art. 17-ter of Presidential Decree n. 633/72 provides that VAT payable on supplies of goods or services provided by the supplier at the time of issue of the sales invoice, be paid to the treasury directly from the transferee of the operation. In essence, the purchaser “retains” the input VAT, paying the net fee to the spupplier.

The modification extended, for transactions carried out from July 1, 2017, the scope of the split payment mechanism, not only for transactions related to the supply of goods and services provided to the Public Administration, but also for operations made against:

  • Companies directly controlled by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers;
  • Companies directly controlled by Regions, Provinces, Metropolitan Cities, Municipalities, Municipal Unions;
  • Companies directly or indirectly controlled in accordance with art. 2359 comma 1 n. 1) c.c., by the companies mentioned above;
  • Listed companies included in the FTSE MIB of the Italian stock exchange.

In addition, the current provision that the split payment does not apply to remuneration for the provision of services subject to withholding tax as an income tax has been cancelled. Therefore, from July 1, 2017 even professionals will be affected by split payment with regard  to services rendered to the above mentioned subjects.

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