Control Activities on electronic invoices: more data available for the Italian Revenue Agency and Financial Police

According to art.14 of the Fiscal Decree n. 124/2019 the control activities on the XML files sent to the SDI will be intensified both in relation to the number of years (eight), for which the data will be stored, and also for the greater amount of information that the Italian Revenue Agency and Financial Police will have at their disposal.
The information of electronic invoices will be used for the following aims:
– Risk analysis and control activities for tax purposes;
– The fulfillment of Economic and Financial Police functions.
So the Fiscal Decree 2020 provides to the fiscal authorities the possibility, in addition to the fiscal relevant data referred to in Article 21 of DPR 633/72, to get a wider range of data such as information regarding the nature, quality and quantity of the goods and services related to the operation.
Tax authorities will have more means available in order to carry out the control activity.
However, basing on the provisions in the Fiscal Decree and according to the Privacy rules, it is necessary to point out that both Financial Police and Italian Revenue Agency must adopt appropriate guarantee measures to protect the rights and freedoms of the data for the subject concerned.