Tax Credits & Business Incentives: The Resilience and Recovery Guide

Andersen’s European Business Incentives and Tax Credits Practice has prepared The Resilience and Recovery Guide, following the out-break of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the hot topics the European Union is dealing with is the establishment and operation of a special new fund and program, the so-called Recovery and Resilience Facility, RRF. In response to the pandemic, EU leaders have agreed to launch this special comprehensive package to be the largest stimulus batch ever financed through EU Budget. It is not only the biggest one, but also differs from the approach and allocation of the traditional ones in several aspects.

This document provides an overview of 17 countries covering the following questions:

  • How does the structure of these funds look like?
  • What is the overall budget?
  • How does the Recovery and Resilience Facility operate?
  • How do our Member States allocate RRF sources?


Stefania Zanotti – Andersen Italian Partner, member of the European Business Incentives and Tax Credits working group – analyses the topic, focusing on the main areas included in the “RRF” program, such as:

  • Green revolution and ecologic transitions
  •  Infrastructure for a sustainable mobility
  • Digital transformation
  • Education and research
  • Inclusion and cohesion
  • Health


If interested to receive more information about the program, Andersen’s European Business Incentives and Tax Credits Practice remain at your disposal for any doubt, question or clarification.