Andersen welcome Elisabeth Barini and Alessandra Nodari

Italian Andersen team grows with Elisabeth Barini, chartered accountant and senior manager, and Alessandra Nodari, lawyer and senior advisor

Elisabeth Barini and Alessandra Nodari take their path in Andersen in Italy.

Elisabeth Barini, chartered accountant, will support the Transfer Pricing team as senior manager. Elisabeth offers advice to multinationals, analyzing the needs of their clients according to national and international regulations, assisting them in reporting Master Files and Country Files. She gained experience also in Tax Compliance and supports her clients in many international practices: international taxation (double taxation agreements and OECD Guidelines), advisory on national and community VAT, calculation of the tax treatment for income generated abroad (IVIE and IVAFE), VAT tax representative, RW framework for privates.

“We acquired a specialized professional that has gained significant experience in corporate tax and transfer pricing” comments Stefania Zanotti, Partner of the Firm. “As national and international Tax Compliance is even more challenging, we need qualified professionals. The inclusion of Elisabeth reinforces our vocation towards clients. Moreover, Elisabeth, thanks to the experience gained and her skills, allows us to provide customers with fundamental support also in the transfer pricing field”.

Alessandra Nodari, lawyer, joins the Restructuring team with the role of senior advisor, thanks to her deep experience in recovery procedures, bankruptcy and corporate litigation. Alessandra offers legal support to companies in ordinary and extraordinary turnaround operations, both for individuals in crisis or insolvent and in favor of lenders and specialized funds, for whom she has gained experience in tax and deflation transactions with public offices. She also provided assistance in portage loans with specialized operators.

“The Restructuring team” declares Stefano Uglietti, Partner and coordinator of the service area, “is strengthened with Alessandra’s professionalism. This particularly delicate phase for the economy will see professionals involved in the management of a global event of business discontinuity from an economic and financial point of view. Our team wants to provide the right support for the reduction and containment of the damage caused by the lockdown”.


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