Andersen hosts IAB Digital Breakfast

Andersen in Italy welcomes the second IAB Digital Breakfast, which is held in Milan office on Wednesday 15th of May.

The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the most important association in charge of digital advertisement at a global level and represents the interactive communication industry in Italy.

Digital Breakfast is a series of updating events for the association members, where IAB presents the ongoing activities and future projects, informing of important regulatory and technical innovations.

During the event Natascia Alesiani and Giovanni Gallucci, chartered accountants and Andersen Partners, present the updates of the Code of economic crisis and insolvency. They discuss the pragmatic influence of the new regulation on the Civil Code legislation concerning company management and administration.

The law, into force since March 16, aims to avoid the company crisis preventively. The Code requires entrepreneurs to activate adequate instruments for the timely detection of the state of crisis so as to take suitable initiatives against it.

IAB members – mostly national and international operators in the interactive industry in Italy such as publishers, dealers, web agencies, research institutes, media centers, creative agencies, companies operating on internet – are also informed of the administrators’ obligations and their responsibilities. The detection of the crisis, in fact, must be preventive and involves both entrepreneurs and any control bodies.

The discussion also analyzes the company management characteristics and the available tools for the operators to tackle the crisis, waiting for the crisis index from the CNDCEC.