Municipality Tax for 2020: Exemption from payment of the second instalment

The Legislative Decree n.149/2020, so-called Ristori-bis Decree, extended the exemption from payment of the second instalment of Municipality Tax (IMU) for 2020 already provided by art.78 of the Law Decree n.104/2020 and by art.9 of the Law Decree n.137/2020.

In particular, the Ristori-bis Decree provided for the cancellation of the IMU due on due on December 16 for buildings located in the municipalities having a scenario of maximum emergency (so-called “red areas”) provided that:

  • such buildings are used for carrying out specific economic activities identified by the activity codes (ATECO) listed in Annex 2 of the Ristori-bis Decree;
  • the property owner directly uses the building to carry out its business.