200 euro bonus for self-employed and professionals

200 euro bonus for self-employed and professionals

The Law Decree Aiuti-bis has introduced the possibility for self-employed workers and professionals to benefit from the one-off allowance of € 200 already provided for employees and retirees.

The beneficiaries of the allowance in question are

– self-employed workers and professionals registered with the social security schemes of the National Social Security Institute (INPS);

– professionals registered with mandatory social security and assistance bodies.

An indispensable requisite to be eligible for the benefit is also to be registered with the above-mentioned social security management schemes within 18 May 2022, and to have an active VAT number by the same date.

The aforementioned persons must also not have perceived:

– the bonus provided for in Article 31 (One-off allowance for employees) and Article 32 (One-off allowance for pensioners and other categories of persons) of Decree-Law No. 50/2022, and

– a total income not exceeding €35,000 in the 2021 tax year.


Amount and application procedure

Applications must be submitted to the aforementioned social security institutions within the deadlines, in the manner and according to the scheme prepared by the individual social security institutions.

The amount of the contribution that will be paid is EUR 200 and will not be considered as income for tax purposes or for the payment of social security and welfare benefits.

The delegated bodies will proceed with the payment of the contribution according to the chronological order of the submitted and accepted applications.


Application deadlines

The date from which it will be possible to submit the application for the allowance has not yet been established. According to Adepp, the Association of Pension Institutions, the most likely scenario would probably be 15 September.