Webinar: VAT News 2021 and Brexit, VAT and Customs aspects

With Fiscal Year 2021 a lot of changes regarding VAT have been implemented.

In this seminar with Andersen’s professionals, experts in VAT issues – Davide Centurelli and Mattia Dassi – we will deepen, following the formal exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the agreement reached on Brexit.

After Brexit came into force, at the end of the trial period,  on January 1, 2021, it is important to understand how to manage transactions related to the transfer of goods and, in general, how to deal with Customs aspects and the transactions with UK entities carried out between the end of FY 2020 and the beginning of FY 2021.

The webinar will then focus on other changes introduced for FY 2021 related to e-commerce, which will come into force starting from July 2021, and the new format related to the e-invoices and draft of VAT Returns.

Lastly, after one year from the approval of VAT quick fixes, we will analyze how their implementation affected the EU cross border transfer of goods, also in terms of proofs to be rendered to the Tax Authorities.


4 February 2021 | 9.30-10.30 am

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– BREXIT: agreement reached. Main effects on VAT and Customs. How to better manage the flow of goods and transactions at the turn of the year.
– New XML format for electronic invoices: the debut of the pre-filled VAT return and registers
– News in terms of electronic commerce: OSS and simplified imports, entry into force from July 1, 2021
– Documentary evidence in Intra-Community supplies of goods: the status quo one year after the implementation of the quick fixes