The active repentance considers the pro rata for misteks on exmpt transtaction

Taxable people VAT who, after an incorrect registration, should realize that they have included tax-exempt active transactions rather than taxable transactions, in order to regularize such transactions, they can use the active repentance.

The inaccuracies may be attributable to the incorrect documentation and registration of taxable transactions for vat purposes under the Art.6 c.1 D.lgs 471/97. These transactions will be subject to a penalty between 90% and 180% of the reported tax on the Vat base.
After the review, it is essential to rework the periodical Vat return in order to calculate the correct amount to be subject to VAT.

If the taxable person VAT operates under the pro-rata, the regularisation of the mistakes made previously will result an increase in deductible VAT as a result of the scheme to which it belongs.
There are two aspects, if in the first place the incorrect registration results in an omitted payment of the tax, on the other hand, it could generate a higher deductible tax. The process has to be completed considering that the violations found can complement the case of the unfaithful declaration.

In conclusion, if the taxable should make use of the active repentance, he will have to submit a special supplementary declaration for each interested annuity in order to declare the taxable amounts that had previously been considered exempt and not included in the periodical Vat under consideration.