Tax credit on lease rental payments: tax codes for offsetting now available

With resolution no. 39/E of 13 July 2020 the Italian Revenue Agency defined the tax codes to be used for the offsetting of the tax credits from the lease rental payments of shops, real estate for non-residential use and business lease.

Such tax credits – established to counter the negative effects from the Covid-19 – can be used through the payment form called “F24” to be submitted electronically to the Revenue Agency by reporting the following tax codes:

• the code “6930” for tax credits deriving from the lease rent paid for shops and stores;
• the code “6931” for tax credits deriving from lease rent paid for non-residential buildings and business rentals.

The tax credits may also be transferred, totally or partially, to third parties, including banks and other financial intermediaries. In such a case, the tax credit available for offsetting is that resulting from the communications sent by the assignors and accepted by the assignee, through the “credit transfer platform” available in the reserved area of the Revenue Agency website.