September 30th: action required for VAT refunds

The EU Directive 2008/09/EC, former 8th Directive and the 13th Directive allow both EU-based businesses and non-EU businesses based in countries where a reciprocal agreements exist to recover the VAT paid in Europe in relation to goods and services purchased and imported.

The taxpayer must file a separate claim for each country where the VAT has been paid. Usually forms can be accessed and downloaded from each tax authority’s website.

The deadline for submitting a claim for a refund is 30th September of the year following the year for which the VAT refund has been requested. Please be aware that if the deadline is missed, the opportunity to get the VAT refund is lost.

The Andersen & Legal professionals are at your disposal to provide you with further information on this subject as well as to assist you in preparing and submitting your application.