Register of historical trademarks to protect the Made in Italy during the restart

Our professionals analyze the advantages and disadvantages of trademark registration by local companies in the Register of historic trademarks of national interest (Registro dei Marchi storici di interesse nazionale) to safeguard the so-called Made in Italy in an article published by IPSOA Quotidiano.

The restrictions applied during the health emergency affected the representatives of the production and manufacturing sector. SMEs need to reaffirm and protect the quality and know-how of Made in Italy to remain competitive in the national and global markets.

To support the national SMEs and major companies, the Ministry of Economic Development created the Special Register of Historic Brands of National Interest operational, an instrument aimed at protecting the industrial property of Italian historic companies, excellence, and everything related to the Made in Italy.

However, analyzing the procedures and obligations resulting from the registration of one’s trademark in the aforementioned Register, it is clear that the procedure is excessively bureaucratic.