Vera Palea

Vera Palea, Ph.D. in Finance and Accounting at Bocconi University, is a full professor of Corporate Finance and Reporting at the University of Torino, Department of Economics and Statistics. She is also a member of the scientific committee of the Ph.D. in Innovation for the Circular Economy.

Vera carries out her research activities in the field of financial reporting and corporate sustainability.Her scientific works are published in top-notched international journals and have received several awards and prizes.

She is a member of the EFRAG Expert Group on European Sustainability Reporting Standards and a member of the ISAR (International Standards of Accounting and Reporting) intergovernmental working group at the United Nations. In 2018/2019, she was a visiting scholar at EFRAG, where she collaborated on point 9 of the European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Plan, specifically on fair value adoption for long-term equity investments. She also contributed to the setup and launch of the European Corporate Reporting Lab.

Vera is the principal investigator in important research projects funded by the European Union, including the Next Generation EU, and banking foundations.

Vera serves as an independent director at Ersel Bank, Ersel Asset Management, and Online Sim, where she is a member of the internal control and risk committee. She also chairs the ESG Committee of the group.

Education: Ph.D. in Finance and Accounting, Luigi Bocconi University, Italy | Ph.D. in Innovation for the Circular Economy, University of Torino, Italy

Languages: English, Italian

Role: Of Counsel

Qualification: UNCTAD, Intergovernmental Working Group on Accounting and Reporting, Geneve | EFRAG, Expert Working Group on European Sustainability Reporting Standards, Bruxelles | European Law Institute, Special Interest Group on Sustainable Finance, Wien