Matteo Amici

Across the last 25 years, lawyer Matteo Amici has consulted and given legal assistance, with extensive experience and expertise in the labour/employment law field.

He assists both Italian and foreign companies, enterprises, businesses and private corporations in the management of working/employment contracts and relations both during their progress and after their termination.

Matteo also provides legal advice and assistance for self-employment and commercial agency’s contracts.
Recently he’s particularly focused his interest on the issues related to new forms of job linked with technological development.

The assistance and advice applied regards both judicial and non-judicial agreements, and all the procedures related to every different aspect of employment relationships (security, privacy, competition), including procedures for recruitment, dismissal, disciplinary actions etc.

Matteo is a member of AGI (Italian Employment Lawyer Association) and he’s actively and consistently following its initiatives of professional training.

Education: University of Bologna, MA Law degree

Languages: English, Italian native speaker

Role: Senior Advisor

Qualification: Lawyer


Office: Milan