Matteo Amici

Matteo has been providing consultancy, legal and judicial assistance in employment law since he began to practice as a lawyer.

The legal assistance extends to all judicial and extrajudicial matters, in several judicial instances and in the competent administrative and trade union arenas.

He supports Italian and foreign companies, associations and institutions in the management of employment relationships, during the establishment, development and termination phases.

Due to his active work at many extraordinary acquisition and sales operations dealing with whole companies or parts of them, he has acquired a deep experience in the management of this phase concerning with labor relations.

He has expertise in advisory and judicial assistance expecially for contracts of self-employment and agency business contracts. He is particularly interested in the study of new forms of work resulting from technological development and is a member of the Civil Justice Observatory of Milan Group “Technology and Law” which includes both professionals and judges in the Milan district.

The assistance and advice provided also cover out-of-court negotiations and all procedures relating to any issue involving employment relationships and self-employment (security, privacy, competition, correct exercise of disciplinary power), in the initial phase of the relationship and at its termination. 

He is a member of the Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani (Italian Employment Lawyers Association), where he actively follows the professional training initiatives in the specific employment law co

Education: University of Bologna, MA Law degree

Languages: English, Italian native speaker

Role: Senior Advisor

Qualification: Lawyer


Office: Milan