Marco Cerutti

Marco is an expert in regulatory returns, financial statements and civil and tax law issues of corporations operating in various sectors. He has deep knowledge in the practice of drawing up annual reports and related documents according to national law, along with yearly tax return.

Furthermore, he provides consultancy and fiscal assistance to private persons. Thanks to his professional experiences he developed profound skills on a fiscal level, especially in tax litigation and dealing with government offices, also with regard to foreign revenues and VAT issues at a national and European Community level.

Also deals with inheritances and wills, covering the liquidation and sub-division of goods by the beneficiaries. At the end of 2013, he started to work with the professional firm that became Noda Studio and now Andersen.

Education: MA degree in Administration, Finance and Control, University Ca’ Foscari, Venice

Languages: English, French, Italian native speaker

Role: Manager

Qualification: Chartered Accountant


Office: Venice