Giovanni Faroti

Giovanni Faroti is an expert in national tax and corporate matters. He advises and assists legal entities (companies, including companies owned by public entities, groups of companies, and public entities) operating in several sectors, including the nautical, financial, construction, real estate, commercial, multi-utilities, travel agencies, and tour operators. He also advises and assists legal entities IAS adopters and companies listed on the Stock Exchange. He has a consolidated experience in the area of pre-litigation and tax litigation.

Giovanni provides tax planning and support for M&A transactions, demergers, companies’ contributions, and the buying and selling of companies and branches. He has gained experience as a tax consultant both nationally and internationally. He assists and supports clients concerning periodical Reporting Packages (Corporate Income Tax and Vat returns, etc.), separate and consolidated financial statements, also IAS/IFRS.

He is a member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of companies – including companies owned by public entities – operating in the multi-utilities and construction sectors. He is a statutory auditor of trade associations in the travel agency sector.

Giovanni has experience in fiscal due diligence, Patent Box, companies, and branches evaluations.

Education: Economics Degree, University of Turin

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian

Role: Manager

Qualification: Chartered Accountant and Auditor


Office: Turin