Giovanni Cretella

Giovanni Cretella has gained 20 years of experience in the accounting field and balance sheets business as well as everything related to tax obligations and reports, including direct and indirect taxes both in national and international contests.

He deals with individuals and professional companies, specifically on accounting and financial issues at public offices and contractual services.

During his professional experience he has acquired new technical skills about non-profit organization related to the establishment period as well as all the tax obligations and reports. In the last few years, he has gained significant experience in accounting and tax due diligence activities.

He provides by podcasts training courses about every financial news for freelance professionals and he is a frequent speaker at professional development conferences recognized by the Order of DDCC in Rome. He is an expert of the party in civil and criminal fields, specifically on bankruptcy issue.

Education: Degree in Business and Economics, University of Rome - La Sapienza

Languages: English, Italian native speaker

Role: Senior Advisor

Qualification: Chartered Accountant and Auditor


Office: Rome